Anticipating the unexpected is both difficult and necessary in today’s business world,
where bad parts crop up, production lines break down, and people call in sick for work.

When the need for a fast, critical shipment comes up, Standridge Logistics is there to help.
We provide both ground and air expedited shipping with time-definite pickup and arrival.


When you need your shipment trucked as quickly as possible, Standridge Logistics turns to its network of providers to get the job done for you.

We can arrange transportation locally or anywhere within the continental United States.

From cargo vans to 53-foot flatbeds to step decks, our single and team drivers can handle your expedited shipping needs. When even next-day service isn't fast enough, Simply Call Standridge at 205-649-2100.


When those critical parts simply must be delivered to your customer’s location within a 6- to 12-hour time window, Standridge Logistics provides Charter Air Transportation Services via a network of federally-authorized operators that utilize small Cessna airplanes to oversized Antonovs.

Whether the shipments require door-to-door or airport-to-airport treatment, Standridge provides the best pricing and timing to suit your needs.

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